As an employee, Alice puts $500+ back in your paycheck.

Employees using Alice save when they spend on parking and transit to get to work. 


No forms.
No math.

We understand you only have a few minutes on pre-shift, on break, or after work to think about benefits.

We text you.
You text back.
You save money.

Got a minute?

That’s how long it takes to connect your card or get Alice Card to start saving.

No forms! Alice learns how you spend.

Alice adjusts to how you spend so you can get the most reimbursed from your employer’s commuter spending program.  

Security matters.

Alice’s technology ensures your information is protected and securely stored.

Feel like you can’t even?

We know your employee benefits aren’t what you want to think about.

Connect your own debit or credit cards or get Alice Card.

Then, just respond to Alice and save.

What’s eligible?

There are many everyday expenses that are eligible. 

  • Metro Card

  • Subway

  • Train

  • Bus

  • Parking Expenses

  • Vanpooling