Give your employees a free raise while your business saves money and valuable time.

With automated pretax benefits, employees keep more of the money they earn while employers lower their payroll taxes.

Alice can be setup in minutes and requires no ongoing HR administration or maintenance.

Increased Employee Retention
  • Employees are 3x less likely to quit.

  • Companies see turnover drop by as much as 30%.

  • Employees add an average of $583.06 annually to their paychecks.

  • “We were blown away. Turnover is down, payroll taxes are down and our employees are keeping thousands. They literally don’t have to think about pre-tax spending. It just happens.” – Brooklyn Roasting Company

  • “It’s one less task for employees to think about, and it’s one more benefit for us to tout. I like the flexibility that Alice offers our employees.” – Head of People Operations, HireArt

  • “Setting up Alice was arguably too simple. My team is seeing money quickly showing up in their paychecks and they love it.” – Patrick, Project Bunker

    Over 5,000 businesses nationwide love Alice