Our COVID-19 Plan

Alice is taking care of our Employers. Read how in Avi’s letter: link

Pre-Tax Spending.

Employees keep more of the money they earn. Employers lower their payroll taxes.


“We realized commuter benefits were this sort of dumpster fire of forms and math and terms that no one was using.”

Business Insider, September 2018

Paychecks up.
Taxes down.

Employers connect payroll. Employees connect their debit and credit cards.

Alice locates potentially eligible expenses and updates payroll–no work for you.

There used to be real barriers to enrollment for our employees and Alice has made that go away. No one else makes it this easy for employees, regardless of their level of financial knowledge.

Aurora @ Sightglass

Businesses nationwide love Alice

No more alphabet soup.

Pre-tax spending is FSAs, HSAs, 125 plans, commuter benefits, COBRA…

Alice rebuilt them and stuffed them under the hood so you can forget the acronyms.

Setting up Alice was arguably too simple. My team is seeing money quickly showing up in their paychecks and they love it.

Patrick @ Bunker Protect

Employees stick around.

Replacing Employees is expensive.

Employees that use Alice are three times less likely to quit or get fired. Employers see turnover drop by as much as 30% in the first year!

We were blown away. Turnover is down, payroll taxes are down and our employees are keeping thousands. They literally don’t have to think about pre-tax spending. It just happens.

Security Matters

Alice uses cutting-edge technology to ensure your employees’ personal information is fully encrypted and securely stored. 

Alice has you covered.

Spend limits. Eligibility. Support.
Alice ensures you’re in compliance.

Introducing Safe to Spend.

With Alice, your employees don’t have to worry about “use it or lose it” anymore.